Southern Graphics Council International

Southern Graphics Council International is an educational non-profit group that is fully dedicated to informing its membership about the processes (and issues) regarding book, arts, original prints, handmade paper and drawings. The group basically represents artists specializing in handmade paper art, original prints and drawing; and they strives to boost the public’s appreciation for these arts.

Southern Graphics Council International holds a conference every year, where an exchange of critical and technical information occurs. The conference draws participants from various parts of the world. Exhibitions, awards and publications are also held to promote enjoyment, understanding and the scholarship of these arts.

In fact, Southern Graphics Council International is North America’s largest print organization, and its annual conference is the largest yearly gathering that is focused on printmaking. Artists from all 50 states participate in this conference. Central and South America, Europe and Canada are regular international attendees of the event.

Southern Graphics Council International maintains relationships with social, community and industry authorities, to continue promoting arts and helping artists share their works with the public. The group is continuously moving forward, responding and adapting to the modern times, while valuing its rich beginnings & history in printmaking.

What Southern Graphics Council International aims to achieve is, to improve the professional standing of those involved in drawings and making original prints. They also wish to encourage public interest and appreciation in graphic media, through showcasing expert artists – and through the display and distribution of drawings and prints; they also encourage the promotion of this art through educational institutions and organizations, for study and to spark new avenues of creativity.

Southern Graphics Council International also hopes that they will further the cause of promoting printmaking, by publicly awarding deserving artists, and using publications to update the public about activities related to the art.